Passive Income Ideas: Sell Stock Photos

Photography can help you earn passive income if you sell stock photos. In this post, learn how to take good photos to sell online. 

Before the internet, only a select few have managed to capitalize on selling stock photos. That’s no longer the case today. Now, even the average Joe can work wonders with all the photography tools out in the market. Build yourself up and invest time and money into becoming an online stock photo seller.

By allowing designers buy and use your images, you get to earn passively – ideally, that means you’ll get continuous payouts despite doing the work once. After uploading a photo onto a stock photography site, your work is done. But before getting to that point, you need to make sure that every image you’ll share is up to standard with industry standards.

The Basics

Invest in good camera. You don’t even need a fancy one. What you need is a camera that complements your photography skills. There’s no shame in opting for an entry-level DSLR. It gets the job done. What you’d want to spend money on is a handy tripod and good lighting equipment. Taking crisp photos is vital if you are to be successful in selling stock images. The right equipment will help you be just that.


The more experienced photographers will likely tell you to practice shooting using the raw setting rather than JPEG. What does that mean for you? Well, using raw when shooting will bug you at first because they take up a lot of storage space. That’s the main flaw to using that setting. Its wonders, however, shine through during post.

Post editing is where the money’s at. Great shots are worthless if they’re not treated right. RAW gives you more room to tweak an image because, unlike JPEGs, raw files are not compressed. There are hundreds of credible websites with more in-depth tutorials on how to process raw images. Take these articles from CNET and Macworld, for example.

Contribute Your Work

The dream has always been to earn money while you sleep. By selling stock photos, you’d literally be able to do just that. After you’ve done all your editing, it’s time to make your work available to the public. A quick search will return a lot of hits for stock photography sites. Ultimately, you’ll have to choose the one that gives back the most. Some sites take a 40% cut for every photo you sell. Pricing would differ from site to site. Pick one that makes the most sense to you. You can even try out different services to get a proper feel for each one.

With a bit of luck, you’ll be on the path to passive income heaven.

Image from Pixabay.

About the Author: Christopher Jan Benitez

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