How You Can Turn Your Blog into a Steady Income Generating Machine

Blogging was once a means of letting out thoughts and ideas in your personal space. Nowadays, blogging is now practiced by the most successful online businesses looking to extend their reach to their target market. You will see businesses use blogging as a outreach tool to build a readership, nurture their engagement, and develop a strong and rabid community of their brand.

However, some have taken blogging as a replacement to their full-time jobs. Instead of working a 9-5 job in an office, some bloggers have opted to work at home while earning the same amount (if not more) by blogging. Aside from applying the principles observed by bloggers more concerned with reaching out, they are also focused on finding the best ways on how to make money from their blogs, which they have done in stride.

If you have a blog and have not reached the same success enjoyed by popular bloggers like Pete Cashmore, Darren Rowse, and Pat Flynn, among others, then you need to find out how you can maximize the earnings potential of your blog by reading the tips below.

Establish content strategy

Nobody likes a blog that meanders from one topic to another or has no content at all. These blogs are deemed untrustworthy because they do not deliver the kind of content expected from them by their supposed target audience.

It is therefore crucial to develop a content strategy before you build a blog. This way, you will be able to determine your niche and target keywords, editorial calendar, online channels to reach out to for marketing and promotions, and tools that will track your data to help improve your campaigns moving forward.

Set up content pillars

Content pillars are resource pages in your blog or site that offer exhaustive information about specific topics related to your niche. This is achieved by developing timeless evergreen content to provide your readers with authoritative content that they can refer to as reference material. Another iteration of this content type is applying the Skyscraper Technique developed by Brian Dean of Backlinko to your approach in developing your content. It lets you create a post by collecting and using similar pages of your competitors as resources and making a better post than all of them.

A foundation built with high-quality content will help keep your blog afloat. (Click to Retweet This Quote!)

An advantage of using both content types to your blog is that there’s greater chances for them to rank for their respective keywords. A research conducted by serpIQ in 2012 concludes that search engines love pages that have with at least 2,200 words to rank in the top 10 search results.

These examples of content are great blog pillars because they help build credibility and authority due to the in-depth information featured in each.

Optimize you site

It’s difficult not to have heard or touched upon the subject of search engine optimization (SEO) with your blog. The purpose of doing this is to drive passive traffic to your blog by ranking high on search results for a specific keyword.

The higher your position is on Google, Bing, and Yahoo!, the greater traffic you will receive!

This is done by conducting keyword research using the latest practices that will help you single out the best and most appropriate keywords to optimize for your blog. Once you have chosen the keyword, you need to use these when applying the best on-page practices such as using the keyword on the title tag, meta description, header tags, and more. Couple these by launching effective link building campaigns that are guaranteed to help you build backlinks to your blog, and you can ensure to raise your rankings on search engines.

Set up ads

Much have been said about online ads to be used in your blog. One thing you should know about ads is that their their success is dependent on the kind of strategy you are implementing. For instance, display ads like Google AdSense and others rely on heavy traffic in order for your blog to earn substantial amounts of money. On the other hand, an affiliate marketing strategy like the one applied by Darren Rowse using Amazon Affiliates has helped him net thousands of dollars from his blog.
Again, it all boils down to the approach you’re taking with your blog. It’s best to integrate affiliate marketing in your content marketing strategy so that you can drive more sales and commission from every successful purchase. There are other ad types that you may need to consider such as email ads and sponsored content networks. For more information on online ads, click here.

However, while most successful bloggers rely on ads as their sources of revenue for their blog, reaching to the point that they’re earning thousands is never an easy route.

“Bloggers who are well known for their passive income generation did not start their blog one day and earn piles of money in their sleep the next,” according to The Beginner’s Guide to Successful Blogging by First Site Guide ( “Just like any other income source, passive income requires a good bit of hard work in the beginning to set up. But if you do it right…you can start earning money, even while away from the computer.”

Establish social media campaign

Your content won’t promote itself, even if it’s too good to be ignored. You will have to shoulder the load of promoting your blog to the right social media channels so you can reach out to the reach people and raise awareness of your blog. While web traffic is never a means to itself, it nonetheless paves the way for more people to see your content and be compelled to answer your page’s CTA.

Therefore, you need to tap into the referral traffic power from sites like Facebook and Twitter so you not only drive more blog traffic, but also grow a community through the likes and followers you will receive. It’s tempting to simply purchase Facebook Ads and Boost Pages to increase your fans, but it’s better if you integrate these as part of your all-encompassing social media strategy that will allow you to launch campaigns that you can track, measure, and tweak to make better.

Once you have amassed a following in social media, you now have them by the palm of your hands. Use this to your advantage by cultivating your relationship with each and every one of them. By performing relationship marketing, you can turn fair-weather followers into rabid ones. Make them believe that your blog content is the best.

Build email list

One of the things bloggers have considered one of the biggest missteps as a blogger is not building an email list. Email marketing is where the money lies right now. Thanks to smartphones and mobile devices, nearly half of all emails are opened on said devices. According to Smart Insights, this is a 500% increase from four years ago.
The most important thing to do here is to set up an email capture on your blog so you can build your email list and send out newsletters and updates that play into your overall email marketing strategy.
The idea here is that you provide valuable – if not exclusive – content to your subscribers so that they feel prioritized as part of your list. Once they feel they belong, you can feed them emails that encourages them to purchase something from you. Given that you have already established the rapport, there’s a great chance that they’ll buy the product or service you are offering.

Final thoughts: While the steps above are not the be-all-end-all guide towards a profitable blog, the steps above are nonetheless valuable and actionable tips that you can follow to turn your blog into a money-making machine.

About the Author: Christopher Jan Benitez


  1. Awesome post, Christopher! The details on creating content pillars as a strategy of turning a blog into an income generating machine is revealing.

    This is the point where solutions for the visitor is created. Creativity of the mode of solving problems via content pillars must be enforced!

    A blog can generate income steadily if it consistently provide value through content generation, optimization and promotion!
    I left the above comment in as well.

  2. This great tips of yours will go along way helping hungry bloggers to earn a passive income.Sometimes i tell people adsense is not just the only way out believe me.
    You just confirmed that statement .
    a great article dear.
    I rep clickable

  3. Thanks for the comment! Establishing your content pillar is where your success lies. You need to define your website or blog to its very elements in order to fully understand what you want to achieve with it. This factor, along with others mentioned above, is a right step towards the direction of profitable blogging! I send the same reply to your comment at

  4. Thanks! Glad you mentioned about Adsense not just the way towards a profitable blog. A blogger can also earn through the content they create and the relationships they form with their readers and leads. Once they are able to build these up, along with the ones mentioned in the post, you can expect to enjoy the same blogging success as the ones before you. I sent this same reply to your comment at

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